Unslow AI training & finetuning.
Get 30x faster with unsloth.

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Train your own ChatGPT in 24 hrs instead of 30 days.

30x faster + 30% accuracy than FA2
90% less memory usage than FA2
NVIDIA, AMD & Intel GPU support

How are we faster?

By manually deriving all compute heavy maths steps and handwriting GPU kernels, unsloth can magically make training faster without any hardware changes.

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1 GPU or 100 GPUs

10x faster on a single GPU and up to 32x faster on multiple GPU systems compared to Flash Attention 2 (FA2).
We support NVIDIA GPUs from Tesla T4 to H100, and we’re portable to AMD and Intel GPUs.

Don’t believe us?

Why not try our fully free open source version? Finetune 2X faster on a single NVIDIA GPU for free on Google Colab or Kaggle Notebooks.

The details

We're making AI training easier for everyone

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Unsloth makes everything greener

Faster hardware is getting harder to make. Armed with our maths and coding expertise, we specialize in optimizing AI and ML workloads.

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Want lightning fast inference? We’re working on it!

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2x faster inference - even faster in the works

cute environment 3d models desert environment with different colours of cactus

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Freeware of our standard version of unsloth
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  • 2.2x faster than FA2
  • 58% less memory than FA2
  • Supports LLama 1, 2
  • Single GPU support
  • Supports 4 bit, 16 bit LoRA

unsloth Pro
Unlock our 30x faster algorithm for multiple GPUs
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  • 32x number of GPUs faster than FA2
  • 90% less memory than FA2
  • Supports full training
  • Multi GPU
  • +30% accuracy than FA2
  • 5x faster inference

unsloth Enterprise
For companies with revenues of more than $1 million USD
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  • All Pro plan features
  • Custom pre-trained models
  • All LLM models supported
  • Unlimited assistance
  • Models eligible for any use

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